Criminal Defense


At Clarence Dyer & Cohen, our clients’ problems are always in focus, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to achieving fair and just outcomes for the people we represent.  Whereas most criminal lawyers cut their teeth as prosecutors, we are defense attorneys through and through.  Having devoted our entire careers to the defense of those in need, we understand that the challenges facing a criminal defendant are complex and deeply personal.  We tackle each of the many dimensions of a criminal case and devote our time and resources to managing the entirety of the problem, both inside and outside the courtroom.


Representing individuals and institutions under investigation or charged with federal or state crimes is the centerpiece of our criminal practice.  We have represented senior officials at major corporations including Reliant Energy Services, Critical Path, Tosco, Morgan Stanley, Samsung Electronics, LG, Trident, and FedEx.  Major law firms and attorneys also turn to us for representation and advice concerning the legal and ethical issues attendant to their involvement in sensitive criminal matters.


Our criminal practice is topically diverse.  We have handled matters involving stock-option backdating, revenue recognition fraud, tax violations, antitrust issues, environmental offenses, campaign-finance violations, commercial bribery and FCPA violations, intellectual-property and trade-secret theft, insider trading, computer crimes, and pharmaceutical misbranding.  We routinely handle such matters at every stage of the criminal process, from pre-indictment investigation through trial and appeal, throughout California and nationwide.


Many of our white-collar clients face parallel regulatory and civil actions, such as SEC investigations, licensing proceedings, and class-action and shareholder derivative lawsuits.  Clients who find themselves in this situation often face significant dilemmas when considering legal strategies, as competing agendas in the civil and criminal cases frequently collide.  Given our expertise in both civil and criminal law, we are uniquely qualified to help our clients navigate these particularly challenging waters.


Unlike many firms, our criminal defense practice is not limited to white-collar matters.  Our attorneys are experienced at defending a broad array of general crimes, from driving infractions to homicide.  We are routinely called upon in cases involving controlled substances (including marijuana prosecutions under federal law), weapons, illicit computer images, and other contraband.  We bring the same rigorous preparation, strategic negotiation, and first-rate courtroom skills that characterize our white-collar practice to our defense of general criminal matters. 


In post-trial and appellate matters, Clarence Dyer & Cohen has an advantage borne of our extensive experience trying criminal and civil cases.  Whether it is briefing a new-trial motion or arguing an appeal, our experience in the trenches enables us to offer a fresh and creative perspective on a case.  We file merits and amicus briefs in state and federal appeals courts throughout California and the rest of the country, including the United States Supreme Court.